Our Team


Rachael Thomas

I am passionate about my relationship with Daddy God, I love spending time with Him in His presence, and sometimes this is in the bathroom as it seems to be one of the few places that I can be still amidst raising toddlers! I am the wife of my incredible husband Daniel, we’ve been married since 2008 and have been blessed with 2 beautiful daughters, Morgan who is 4 and Lily who is 2 and are lots of fun!

Learning to juggle motherhood, busy life, exercising, serving, teaching, running businesses and trying to keep a clean home certainly is challenging! I am always encouraged to remember that millions of women, not just throughout the Earth now, but in generations past, have had the exact same challenges and succeeded.

My journey has taken me to various places around the UK and Australia and New Zealand, all with one goal in mind; for God to show me that he is completely in love with me and calls me Beauty. This is not something that I had ever known until he started telling me these truths and I learned how to listen to His voice above my own fears and the opposite voices I had in my life. I never used to believe I was beautiful, I was my biggest stumbling block in this area. I have also overcome many mindsets in the area of health, losing 4 stone in weight and aligning my life with God’s plan. This has freed me massively to pursue dreams I once never thought possible. I have experienced the love of God that transforms and I want to share that with anyone who comes to listen.



II am just an ordinary girl, no outstanding accomplishments to my name. You’ve never read about me in a book or seen me on television. Yet I am a daughter of the King and He is writing my story.

I have been married to my husband for 14 years; we have two daughters and three sons. My life can be crazy busy at times. We live in the mountains of north Idaho, USA. I am refreshed by spending quality time alone with God, whether on the top of a mountain or paddling a river, when I get alone with God I find my rest in him and He transforms me in ways I never knew possible.

I was saved at a young age but really began my personal walk with the Lord in 2004 when I moved to Sydney, Australia. It was there that God brought me into a deeper relationship with Him and with fellow believers, whom I now consider to be my closest Christian sisters.

In recent years God has placed a desire in my heart to connect Christian women. Women who encourage one another to seek the Lord with all our heart, mind and strength and to find out what that truly looks like in our daily lives and challenging roles as wives and mothers. Women who take a stand for Christ and desire to guard one another against an enemy who would love to destroy our families by robbing us of our purpose and our worth. I believe that now is the time for living out our freedom in Christ. We are not conformed to this world because we are free in Christ to become all that He has designed and equipped us for. So let us share our joys and our struggles as we seek a closer relationship with Christ and each other. We welcome you to a place where there is no condemnation or judgement but rest, safety, honesty and biblical encouragement, giving all praise to our Lord Jesus!

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

Matthew 11:28-30


Hanna Williams

Hi, my names Hanna and I love Jesus! I’m incredibly blessed to be married to my best friend and we have 2 beautiful children.

I spent a long time struggling with my identity and it was only when Father God revealed the extent of His love for me that things started to change. I realised that it didn’t matter what anyone else thought of me as long as I knew what God thought of me. It was that revelation that made me want to help as many people as possible understand that God has created them perfectly in His image…..that He adores us just as we are!

God has given both myself and my husband a real passion for community, for fitness and for worship and my heart is to use those things to help people live in the freedom that is waiting for them. I pray that though Evoke Her Beauty God will use us to help you see that you truly are beautiful from the inside out xx


Sarah Evans

Hi my name is Sarah. I have been married to my fun, loving husband Dave since 2006 and we live in Derbyshire, England, in a little town with a big heart. New Mills has a sweet factory which manufacturers many sweets that are sold around the globe, including the famous brand, LOVE HEARTS. Very fitting since I have so much love for the people of this town and lots of love for people around the globe too!

Where I live reflects me well, New Mills is a town with a village feel, where people help each other, stop and chat on the street, you walk past into shops and people are interested in you, its a real community with a capital C! I enjoy connecting people and helping others in anyway that I can and do this in lots of areas in life.

I serve in many areas in our local church but my main passion is being involved in the pastoral team.

I have a heart for loving, encouraging, connecting, and investing time in God`s most treasured possessions – YOU! Another passion of mine is health. Just recently I began to overcome a love affair I had with sugar, yes you got it – SUGAR! With God`s help and the support of many family and friends I gave up added sugar for five weeks. I felt amazing! I lost weight, sugar cravings, dodgey blood sugar levels, became less moody, and gained more energy, peace, joy, wisdom, patience and a sound mind. This season taught me discipline, consistency, how to sacrifice things of my flesh and, most importantly, how to love myself more.

I am still on the journey but I loving the new me! In God`s word it says ” Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind, and love your neighbour as yourself” Luke 10 v 27. So I want to help you love yourself more!



I’m Natalie and live in the North East of England. I have been born again in Christ since 2009. I have 2 beautiful children, I am highly blessed.

I believe in a God who uses our hurt and pain for purpose. I grew up in an emotionally disconnected home which led me to look for love in all the wrong places. I eventually made a massive mess of my life which led me into darkness, to say I didn’t like myself very much would be an understatement. At the age of 30 I finally met my Lord and saviour Jesus. He loved me just the way I was.

He has taken me on a journey I could never have imagined possible.

My heart aches for hurting young girls and women, I desire to see them come to know Christ and to thrive in Gods love, to understand that they are valued and come to know the truth that they have an identity in Him. I long to see them walk in the confidence of that identity in a world that places value, sadly, on appearance.

I am passionate about health and my journey into juicing and nutrition began after I had not felt well for most of my life. God healed me! He has given me lots of revelation on how to eat healthily for life and give vitality to our bodies through what we put into our mouths.
My passion is to share this with others and to educate how we become unwell in the first place.

Also, I want to give hope to those who are currently unwell that we can get well and stay well with food that God provided us with. Genesis 1:29-30.