EVOKE HER BEAUTY is for all women, especially, beautiful you!

We exist to champion the amazing person that God designed you to be.
Our desire is to evoke HEALTH in you by providing encouragement and knowledge, enabling you to look after your body and well-being through making intentional, thought through life choices. We want to awaken the POTENTIAL inside you and instil confidence so that you can arise and become the REAL you.

We exist to bring a much needed voice of hope and truth to all women, to evoke the BEAUTY that is within us. We encourage living life from a position of FREEDOM. To live life free from all that Jesus conquered on the cross; so that you can own living in HOPE, knowing that today doesn’t limit your life story.

The TRUTH is that you have been ‘fearfully and wonderfully made’ to walk across the earth with your head held high as a DAUGHTER of the King, holding His hand. We passionately believe that He, the King, has words laced with LOVE to speak over you to bring to LIFE all that He has created you to be. We believe that His words EVOKE HER BEAUTY
Ephesians 5:26 XX.